Audi Autonomous Driving Cup

The Audi Autonomous Driving Cup is a competition among team of students of robotics, computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and related disciplines. The participants are asked to develop the algorithms required to render a small-scale RC vehicle fully autonomous and able to navigate a city-like scenario following a given list of maneuvers. The hardware platform used is a 1:8 model vehicle developed by Audi specifically for the contest.

In 2015, Konstantin Andreev, Sinan Hasirlioglu, Eduardo Morales, Parthasarathy Nadarajan and I, under the supervision of Prof. Michael Botsch, participated, as the team leTHItdrive, in the first edition of the Audi Autonomous Driving Cup.

We won the Open Challenge with the performance of a car that was able to autonomously kick a ball into a goal by drifting (see videos below), and scored 4th overall behind Technical University of Munich, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and University of Freiburg!

The PDF of a short presentation describing the architecture of our vehicle’s control system can be downloaded here.