Swarming BrushBots

The BrushBot is not alone anymore!

A team of 4 roboticists (Jeremy Cai, Yousef Emam, Siddharth Mayya and I) spent a Saturday building 32 differential-drive-like brushbots from scratch. See pictures below for the highlights of the day.

Flashing PCBs
Soldering motors
Mounting brushes
Box of completed BrushBots
The complete swarm
First test of the swarm
Wireless charging tests

Rome wasn’t built in a day, a swarm of BrushBots … almost!

Fully-actuated and differential-drive-like brushbot

The two flavors of brushbots in the picture above are shown in action in the following video. A trajectory-tracking experiment features the fully-actuated brushbot, whereas 30 differential-drive-like brushbots are deployed to perform a coverage control task.